Friday, November 14, 2014

Glamorous Misaki

Glamorous Misaki

Along the same lines as the OOAK Beatnik Blues, I could hardly pass up this lovely rerooted Misaki. She is a limited edition of 4, I believe, created by the talented Rob Thompson for this past year's Wave from Japan seminar at IFDC.

Here, Misaki is modeling the fashion from Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker, the souvenir doll from IFDC. It's quite a lovely gown, I think, and it matches the purple in her hair.

It has the effect of lifting Misaki's dour mood, much to her chagrin. I just love this doll--she is so delightfully grumpy--with her long bangs obscuring her face, and her purple and black hair. I think she's wonderful!

Glamorous Misaki

Updates from W Club: Holiday Poppy sneak peek and more!

It's snowing Poppies! A sneak peek has been announced to W Club members: David Buttry announced the release of a holiday Poppy Parker doll to arrive this season, a raven-haired, green-eyed, red-lipped beauty. More details will follow by the end of the month.

The Integrity Toys convention next year will indeed be in Long Beach, California, October 22-24, 2015. The actual hotel has not yet been announced, and IT has asked members to refrain from calling hotels to ask for information, as the details have not yet been finalized.

Next, Alain is back from the last convention, which means The Doctor Is In. If you've been waiting to hear back about any doll-related issues, now is the time to contact patient care, and send a photo of your doll as well.

W Club registration for 2015 will begin after the holidays this year, beginning in early 2015.

W Club members were offered a lottery for several convention souvenir dolls that did not sell out on Thursday. The following dolls are still available and went go on sale (via lottery) through November 19 only:
  • Jolt! ITBE $80
  • Zing! ITBE $80
  • Oomph! ITBE $80
  • Dial "V" for Victoire Victoire Roux $110
  • La Ville Lumiere Simonette Bertorelli $135
  • After-hours Hanne Erikson $160
  • Tantalizing Dominique Makeda workshop doll $135
  • Evening Siren Ayumi $135
  • Nocturnal Glow Veronique Perrin $150
  • Grandiose Natalia Fatale $150
  • Night Shade Kyori Sato $150
  • Time Served workshop fashion figure $125
Additionally, limited quantities remain of both Sous Les Tropiques Victoire and High Visibility Agnes.

Finally, three more sneak peeks were offered of one of the final two club dolls of 2014, but, according to the W Club email, they need a spy who can focus the camera a little bit more clearly! I see some lemon yellow fabric, pale pink lips, and also some pale blue knit under white burlap. 

I realized that with the NuFace release, Eden and Lilith were conspicuously missing. I wonder if those two might be the final two dolls in the W Club release. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Beatnik Blues in IT Girl

Beatnik Blues

Beatnik Blues OOAK reroot Poppy Parker is modeling IT Girl's fashion (the companion doll from this past IFDC), which turns out to be quite a nice look for her, I think.

Sometimes, I love to match the hair and clothing of the dolls in my collection. I think it can be sort of fun. And I do have a weakness for dolls with fantasy hair color, for some weird reason. They speak to me!

Beatnik Blues

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Integrity Toys is coming to Long Beach, California

Great news for us West Coasters--I'm thrilled to let you all know that Integrity Toys convention will be held in Long Beach, California in 2015. No news on which hotel, yet, nor on the exact dates, but it should be slightly less expensive (I should think) than Beverly Hills in 2013.

IT Direct dolls and Workshop doll - Gloss convention

The IT Direct dolls worked a little differently this year than in years past. Each attendee was given tickets to purchase every doll this time--so everyone got an equal chance for every doll this year. (I hope they keep this up--that's a great idea!).

There was a little confusing on the email as to which were which from these basic editions, but I believe the doll in orange is actually Oomph! I'm not sure what sculpt she is, but she might be Ayumi on the Poppy Parker body.

Both Jolt! and Zing! use the Amelie face in tan skin with blonde hair, and I think Zing! is the one in Aqua. I love both of these girls. I'm pretty sure Oomph, Zing and Jolt retailed for $75 per doll, but I didn't attend, so I'm not certain.

This is Jolt! I believe, who also uses the Amelie face sculpt. I think she is on the original FR: Nippon/Poppy Parker body.

Dial "V" for Victoire is the Victoire Roux character from convention, and offered to all attendees.  She has a unique outfit which includes several versatile pieces for styling opportunities, silver jewelry, pumps and boots. I'm not sure of her price, but I think she was around $100.

Hanne Erikson makes an appearance as Afterhours in a lovely navy sequined gown, with a tan skin tone, blonde hair, and brown eyes. I don't know her original price.

Of course every IT convention needs at least two Poppy Parker dolls, and this one is the IT Direct version, Wild Thing. I believe she was $100. She is also quite pretty in person.

Time Served is a workshop doll offered for one of the workshops offered during the convention. Again, I'm sorry to say I don't know his original price.


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