Monday, July 28, 2014

NBCC 2014 convention doll

I can't believe I forgot to post photos of these lovely girls on our last night!

By Artist Creations, I can't decide which version I like more. New Year's Eve was the dinner's theme, and both are amazing!

And the Caucasian is another redhead this year! I'm stoked! But I think the African American version rocks the dress even better. How to decide...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The mikes are waaaay too loud, and no, I don't have a hangover. Above is even more chocolate cake with white chocolate logos on them. We also got a teeny bit champagne. The menu is below!

Now, how did lipstick get on DH's bourbon glass? I'm sort of like the taste tester.
For reals, I left next year's registration at our hotel. He went all the way back up to get them for me! Isn't he great? The least I can do is sample the bourbon and make sure it isn't poisonous!
Just a shoutout--Johnny, the bartender here at the Marriott Regency, is a real sweetheart. In fact, most of the staff is great!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rather painful charity auction only offered five dolls. It didn't go any faster, though. Next time, I'll be emptying my 401k to participate and move things along. I thought my dear husband was going to poke his eye out with a fork. Beautiful dolls, though!
Ninimomo Statue of Liberty theme - something patriotic - Sherry Martin designed the acrylic display (!!!) like always. 
Final bid: $3700
Halloween Italy Magia 2000 - spider are good luck health money in Italy, 100s of hours of effort into doll--Swarovski Crystal and beading
Final bid: $6000
Matt sutton - silkstone brunette, repaint, called Perchance to Dream - silk and lace, sweetheart neck, signature bow sash, sea green eyes with warm pink lip
Final bid: $3500
Artist Creations - silkstone with black lace over blush--Rome. Hand embroidered lace and Swarovski Crystal. The Great Beauty.
Final bid: $3400
Robert Best - Mattel hired Carlyle four years ago--his first auction doll: black and white dress, deep v neck, raven hair 20 years at Mattel (Robert) next year. Carlyle is active on flickr, beaded ombré fringe-- Stephen burrows sculpt in peace skin tone with blue and black hair, called Evangelice
$3000 starting bid
Plus bill greening will deliver first cherry pie to your door (not really)
Final bid: $9000
Total auction for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital: $25,600
Sorry--I didn't get photos of the dolls this year. So crowded in the room, and we had nose bleed seats. Can't wait to see additional designs from Carlyle, though!

Friday night dinner: isn't it supposed to be the live auction tonight? Food was great, though I may have gotten regular coffee. I'll find out shortly!


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